Frolic #13 – The Bounty of Spring!

Spring has actually, finally, truly sprung (slowly) and that means there’s a bounty for foragers. This month we’re trekking through the ravine on the lookout for Stinging Nettles (bring your gloves), Trout Lilies and Japanese Knotweed. On the way we might stop to gather Garlic Mustard for those pesto fans since it’s fiercely invasive.


Urtica, diotica

Erythronium americanum - Trout Lily 03

Erythronium, americanum


Fallopia, japonica


As always with our meetings we frolic rain or shine so come dressed for the weather, we’ll meet just outside the main doors of Castle Frank subway station, you can RSVP on our Facebook event page here. The meeting is Monday May 5th, 6-8pm meeting at Castle Frank subway station just outside the main doors – late or can’t find us? Call 416.768.2182

PS Rebecca will be running this meeting solo as Lee is away in Maine taking a bird course – we’re excited to have her share her knowledge of birds (and east coast wild edibles) when she returns! 

bird lee

Lee speaks the language of the birds – like this Grey Jay!

Fun Fact: Lee is known by hundreds of children (and select adults) as Great Blue Heron 🙂



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