WFS: Frolic #12 – One Year Anniversary


It’s the Wild Foragers Society’s first birthday! We’re looking forward to getting back outside, talking about Spring (we promise it IS coming) and having a toast to a whole year of frolicking in the City of Toronto and foraging for wild edibles.

Meet us at the top of Pottery Rd (South-East corner of Broadview and Pottery) for a frolic down into the valley and the wildflower preserve at Todmorden Mills. We’re on the look out for one of the first flowers of Spring, the illusive Skunk Cabbage (one of our favourites!), harvesting the very first Garlic Mustard and making use of the abundance of Willow branches.

IMG_20140404_183811 IMG_20140404_184443

We’ll cap it all off by enjoying the fruits of last years’ labour (dandelion wine and milkweed pod pickles) which trying our hand at a ‘further use’ for Willow.

Be sure to dress for the weather and wear your rubber boots – it’s going to be muddy! Please bring along a glass/jar for the wine and if you have something tasty to share that pairs well with wine and pickles, or not, snacks are always welcome.

Can’t find us on the day of? Send a message to 416.768.2182 and we’ll find you!

Monday April 7th

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