Friends: New Year, Improved WFS!

Winter is a beautiful time – not just because it brings the white fluffy stuff and allows us to enjoy chilly adventures and more warm beverages, but it comes with a change of pace that if you pay attention to, it triggers you to slow down and reflect. This winter has been particularly cold, dark and icy here in Toronto giving Lee and I lots of time to tinker with our own DIY home projects with plants, indulge in some reading and dream of spring days when green things will poke through the soil again. In fact we’ve been thinking a lot about you (yes, you!) and the Wild Foragers Society in general – here’s a rough idea of the seeds we’re sowing for 2014:

New Website

  • Congratulations you’ve already found it! We’re hoping this platform will help us better tell the world the stories of WFS, show detailed pictures, house resources on wild edibles and allow you to connect with us more easily.

More Monthly Meetings

  • We’ll continue to meet the first Monday of each month (or second in case of holidays) 6-8pm in a TBD location. Look forward to more structure around our Frolics, a variety of new spaces in Toronto to explore, some special guests at meetings and many more wild edibles to enjoy!

New E-Newsletter

  • Not tapped into the Facebook or Twitter world and wondering how you can get reminders of what the WFS is up to? We’re creating a mailing list through Mail Chimp (coming soon!) that will send a short and sweet reminder a week before our next meeting so you’re always prepared and in the loop.

Our Own Logo

  • We’re working closely with a design savvy pal who’s helping us develop the WFS “brand” (don’t worry we’re not going corporate) – meaning creating a sweet logo that will help identify us on resources and promotional materials, stay tuned for your chance to help with the selection process!

More Blog Content

  • We’re excited to get writing, or picture taking, or video recording – whatever helps you learn more about local plants and how best to interact with them. Plus, learn more about other people, groups and communities in the foraging scene and well as recipes for tasty eats and DIY projects that include wild edibles.

For the year ahead we’re looking to get better (not so much bigger), and part of that is feedback – got an idea for a meeting? a particular plant you think deserves profiling? took some amazing pictures you’d like to share? Tell us! Our vision for the Wild Foragers Society is to empower people to learn more about their local, edible landscapes and facilitate the sharing of wild plant knowledge/skills within the community.

We hope to see you for our next meeting on Monday February 3rd 6-8pm at 131 Mountjoy Ave Unit #1 for trivia and games a plenty on plant ID and usage (no need to be experts, come to learn and bring a field guide to act as your ‘phone-a-friend’) we also have a take-home surprise for everyone!

Happy reflecting,

Lee & Becky


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