Frolic: November WFS Meeting

Cooler days, longer nights and signs that the harvest season in Ontario is coming to a close are all around us. The earth is preparing for sleep and so many plants are investing their energy into seeds and roots – making this a great time to harvest them! We’ll be on the hunt for Burdock, Dandelion and Wild Carrot roots a’plenty, which can sometimes run a few feet deep – so be sure to bring your trowel.

 We’ll be talking about fun ways to utilize roots for both edible and medicinal projects (think wild carrot cake, coffee and homemade root-beer) as well as teas and herbal remedies. It’ll also be a key time to observe some other wild edibles to be aware of what they’re doing in preparation for winter – this will be our last outdoor frolic for the year so bundle up and meet us outside the doors to Rosedale Station at 6pm. 

*With the lack of light in the evening it’ll be useful (and fun) to bring along a small flashlight or headlamp šŸ™‚ 


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