Frolic: Up the Apples & Pears (and Grapes!)

Fall has finally settled in around us, these last few wet days have been a real reminder that summer is long gone, but they’re also a reminder that the harvest season is to be celebrated! Lee and I have been taking in an abundance of fruit these last few weeks, mostly from volunteering with Not Far From the Tree but our own foraged goods as well. If you haven’t had a chance to glean some apples this year, or you’re interested in learning the location of a sweet pear tree OR you want to harvest some Don Valley wild grapes to make your own fermented grape soda (blog to come) – put on your boots and join us Monday night! 

We’ll also be on the look-out for any remaining Rose hips, Nannyberries, and scoping possible Burdock plants to harvest at the November WFS meeting. Stay tuned for our winter plans and 2014 improvements!

We’ll be once again meeting at the top of Pottery Rd and Broadview  at the head of the walking path – be sure to wear sturdy shoes and bring bags to take your bounty home in.


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