Frolic: August WFS Meeting

In true Wild Foragers Society meeting fashion, tomorrow’s weather report is calling for rain and a chance of thunderstorms in the evening. We brave the wet and welcome everyone to come rain-ready and meet us at Broadview & Erindale Ave for a stroll down to Todmorden Mills. Along Broadview Ave we’ll talk about some frequent roadside flowers, heading down Pottery Road we’ll snack on some fruit trees and eventually make it to the Wildflower Preserve trails at the bottom of the hill.

We’ll then take a vote to determine if we head over to find the massive Lysichiton americanus and prove it’s name, or, meander near the Don River where there’s an abundance of Matricaria chamomilla for the harvesting!


Some things you may want to bring along:

  • Rain boots and jacket (forgo the umbrella if you can)
  • Paper and/or plastic bags for ‘take-homes’
  • Field guide for reference
  • A friend!

See you Monday evening – if you happen to miss our departure at 6:05pm catch up with us along the route.


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