Forage: And it was all yellow…

My friend Morgan introduced me to a great term recently: ‘drag and brag’

He refers to it as a not-so-useful teaching method that many people find themselves using (unintentionally) when we share information to others. Imagine we’re on a walk in the woods, it would go something like this:

“That’s a day lily, to the left a basswood, underneath it a puffball mushroom, near the water some cattail, oh and here’s a wild carrot, you can eat this flower…”

Learn much? Although I don’t believe in the ‘drag and brag’ (or ‘name-dropping’ if you will) as an effective way to connect people with plants, sometimes getting to know a plant by a common name opens a door to further information. It also saves you a good deal of time scrolling through Google’s responses to: ‘small-green-stemmed-white-flower-with-leaves’ 

So here’s the first of a series of colour themed blogs of common plants you will see around the city, all in yellow, search them out and look them up in your field guides!

Wild Mustard (the yellow version of Sweet Rocket)

Yellow Loosestrife

Cinquefoil (similar to Wild Strawberry flowers)

Hop Clover (small and creeping, always reminds me of Pineapple Weed)

Sulphur Cinquefoil (a butter-cream colour)

St Johns Wort (look for 5 petals with small black dots)

With the summer sun in full swing, keep an eye out for these plants (each with their own edible/medicinal uses). What other yellow wild edibles are you snacking on these days?


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