Forage: Weeds o’ Plenty

Hurray for the sunshine Spring has brought in the last few weeks – everything is coming up green and bountiful! In fact, all the plants Lee and I scoped out last week for Monday’s WFS meeting were at least 2 inches (to almost a foot) taller than when we last saw them the other night.

We we able to harvest Japanese Knotweed, Garlic Mustard, Common Stinging Nettles and Dandelions (stay tuned for Dandelion wine making near you!) since all of these are invasive and rampant we could take as much (or little) as desired.

Lee demonstrating how to roll up Common Stinging Nettle to eat it raw minus the pesky sting.

It was a warm sunny evening for a stroll along the Beltline trail and we were able to meet many other plants thriving in the valley:

Beautiful (unidentified) mushrooms

Often called the ‘muscle tree’ – Carpinus caroliniana

The origins of aspirin – Willow bark

Hopefully these Amelanchier blossoms will turn into delicious ________berries for the next WFS meeting on June 3rd 

Amelanchiers are smaller trees/big shrubs in the Rose family.


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