Friends: Join the Wild Foragers Society

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the vast array of things I want to learn (beekeeping, permaculture, cheese-making, speaking Spanish, how to be punctual… etc.) but I’ve noticed that finding allies on your learning journey helps to keep you on track – even if they’re just bringing tasty snacks. You may want to join in the journey of the Wild Foragers Society! We have two requirements:

  • You eat.
  • You go outside.

  Just in case anyone reading this is asking if leaving their house to get their McDonald’s counts, yes, We especially want you to join the WFS, but we also want anyone falling into these categories too:

  • You love food, enjoy different varieties and want to try new things.
  • You love exploring, within the city and beyond.
  • You love connecting with nature; seeing, smelling and occasionally ingesting it…
  • You read/heard/saw something about wild foods and are inspired to learn more.
  • You embrace the local seasons and want to further acknowledge them.
  • You like meeting other cool people who are willing to eat things off a tree in the city.
  • You want to feel empowered in learning about wild foods, identifying them, safely consuming or utilizing them for medicinal purposes and being excited to tell others all about it!

  The WFS meets on the first Monday of each month at 6pm – locations varying and TBD a few days prior. As a group we aim to cover as many of the 5 F’s as possible in each season:

  1. Forage.  We predetermine what we’re setting out to find based on season and location, keeping our eyes open for when we may spot along the way.
  2. Frolic.  We will visit a variety of parks, ravines and other green-spaces across the east end of Toronto on our adventures to seek out different wild edibles.  
  3. Friends.  We aim to build networks of people passionate about plants, make connections and combine resources to better share the good word of wild edibles.
  4. Ferment.  We will experiment with ways to ‘keep’ wild edibles through a variety of preserving techniques; canning, drying, fermenting etc.
  5. Further Uses.  We will also learn about the wealth of medicinal properties found in many wild edibles and figuring out the what, when and how we can utilize them. 

 In case you’re wondering who the ‘We’ is of the WFS, that’s Lee & I – a pair of plant lovers who can often be found in the woods, along a river, up a mulberry tree or otherwise chatting someones ear off about a skull we found or a flower we ate. As two friends looking to learn more about the big, beautiful world of plants it seemed natural to commit to foraging once in a while to learn more and revisit skills learned – as people who sometimes commit to several ambitions at once, we felt it would help keep us frolicking among the greens if we had companions to share knowledge with (that’s you) and thus the WFS began. 

Consider this our wide-open invitation to join the WFS – and check here, or here for more details as we work them out (first up: liability statement) and post information about our meeting next week. The technical world of blogs and Facebook seem a bit more foreign than identifying wildflowers so please be patient with us.

See you next week!



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