Frolic: Around the Block

I have a tiny farm in my living room window consisting of zucchinis, pumpkin, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, beans…

As I was fawning over my seedlings I was wondering what other things are spreading their first leaves outside and went to my Stalking the Healthful Herbs by Euell Gibbons for some inspiration. Four pages in and I’m ready to get off the couch and brave the lousy weather for some exploring into the unknown.

There is something magical in the air – like the calm after the storm. Birds are singing and everything seems to be humming as dusk attempts to settle in. I live on a sleepy street near Monarch Park and decided to head to the nearest grove of trees to find something wild and green with a long impressive Latin name for a quick evening forage.

Something small and shimmering in a vibrant shade of purple caught my gaze halfway down the block. As I carefully knelt closer to capture it’s beauty, a woman with a fluffy dog stopped behind me. I waited for a shrill voice to say “you’re crushing all the flowers!” but instead she said:

“That’s an Iris reticulata.”

A few polite sentences were exchanged about the weather and the beauty of my find, I thanked her for sharing her knowledge and off she went. It wasn’t until she was at the end of the block and around the corner when I thought to ask her how she knew the Iris reticulata.

She was there…
…and then she was gone.

In a brief moment of clarity I abandoned my trek to the park and decided to venture around my block in hopes of stumbling upon other random finds of inspiration and people of knowledge. The world of plants is vast and sometimes intimidating – why not start close to home?

What’s growing on your street?


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